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Like all rapists, Ched Evans will never be really free

The disgraced footballer has served his time, but will never be allowed to forget his vile crimeCould a person ever get past a rape conviction? Is it possible to leave it behind or does it stay with you for ever, a stain that cant be rubbed away?I thou…
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Bob Geldof: ‘We are a normal family. And one of us didn’t make it’

Six months after the death of his daughter Peaches, Bob Geldof is still raw and angry. He talks about addiction, intrusion and why hes back in his snakeskin suit Continue reading…
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MPs urge investigation over missing child sex abuse files

Demand comes from follow-up inquiry into Rotherham scandal during which it was found that files of council researcher detailing extent of suffering had been stolen in 2002A full and urgent investigation into the disappearance of key child sex abuse fil…
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Dentists warned of counterfeit equipment following huge haul

Medical regulator launches investigations after thousands of pieces of poor quality imported dental equipment seizedDentists have been warned about the potential danger of buying and using counterfeit and unapproved dental equipment, a regulator has sa…
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Ed Miliband promises 7-day test for cancer under Labour government

The Labour party leader said he would ensure the UK had the best cancer survival rates using money levied on tobacco firmsA future Labour government would guarantee a maximum wait of no more than one week for cancer tests and results to improve treatme…
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Hundreds of NHS medics volunteer to work in Sierra Leone as Ebola spreads

Ebola hysteria in Europe and the US could be hampering nursing call-up, warn medical charities operating in west Africa Continue reading…
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Inmate suicide figures expose human toll of prison crisis

Data obtained by Guardian reveals more than six prison suicides a month Stories behind statistics show young men and mentally ill at high risk Officials blame budget cuts for inadequate staff numbers and lack of trainingThe human toll of the crisis gri…
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Saudi Arabia labour market reforms bring change at the checkouts

Saudisation policy sets businesses quotas for local workers, challenging traditional roles within employment and society Continue reading…
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Ebola: Obama not ruling out travel bans as experts watch for more cases

President considers further interventions and appointing crisis leader, while concern grows over infected womans air travel Continue reading…
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Downing Streets Ebola panic is a classic case of the politics of fear

Remember Sars? What about bird flu? Here we are again with the latest pandemic, having our insecurities cynically exploitedNo one can tell me if Ebola is the worst plague since, variously, Aids, Sars, BSE or the black death. All I hear is that it might…
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