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Davos is starting to get it – inequality is the root cause of stagnation

Business leaders have a choice: understand that less inequality equals stronger, less debt-dependent growth or watch stagnation takes hold

The World Economic Forum has never been good at crystal-ball gazing. In early 2007, it was smug and complacent even as the financial storm clouds gathered. Last year, there was a strong sense that the crisis was over, an optimism swiftly dashed by a combination of Ukraine, Islamic State and renewed stagnation in the eurozone.

The mood this year was downbeat, a lot more cautious. Perhaps excessively so. The open-ended €60bn a month asset-purchase scheme announced by the European Central Bank is unlikely to prove a game changer, but it will have an impact on activity. Plunging oil prices will mean consumers have more money left over after they have paid the energy bills and filled up the car. Cheaper crude is already starting to feed through into forward-looking business surveys.

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Life, laughter and loss in a Nepal leprosy colony – in pictures

On 25 January, activists mark World Leprosy Day to raise awareness of leprosy as a 21st-century disease. Freelance photographer Tom Bradley has been documenting the effects of leprosy since 2009, focusing on the lives of those affected by this complex …
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