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Toys are we: 250 years of royal childhood at Buckingham Palace

Baby progress books, milk teeth, rocking horses, a polo mallet and mini Aston Martin go on display

A lifetime of speeches for the monarch has meant dutifully delivering the scripted words of others, a practice she perfected in the pushchair, it would seem. For the first words the Queeen uttered, aged 13 months, were “mama” and “bebe”, according to her baby progress book. Which is surprising, given that her parents had set sail to Australia five months previously and had yet to return to her.

The book, which notes her first tooth (26 January 1927), when she began to crawl (11th April 1927) and her first pram outing (at 10 days old), is one of hundreds of items, including outfits, toys, christening paraphernalia, lavish gifts and previously unseen family film, now on public display at an exhibition at Buckingham Palace charting 250 years of royal childhood.

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