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The Great British Bake Off 2014 episode three as it happens

Last week the lovely Enwezor was sent home, with Richards biscuits bagging him the star baker prize. But wholl rise to the challenge of bread week? Heidi Stephens follows the action 8.58pm BST So thats it for Week 3! Next week its desserts, or puddings…
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FSA meat inspectors to stage two strikes in pay row

Unison members to walk out next week after imposed below-inflation wage hike of 0.75% Continue reading…
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From eyelids to skin tone, beauty isn’t always about ‘looking white’

Deracialisation cosmetic surgery troubles our ideas about the natural unaltered body. It also points to a eurocentrism that sees the desire to look white everywhereWhen SBS screened Anna Choys documentary on deracialisation cosmetic surgery, Change My …
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Age ratings for online content mean little without financial penalties

David Cameron’s limp effort on age restrictions needs something broader than what he has announced for YouTube

David Cameron is right about this: it’s hard to bring up children in the internet age, when the web scoffs at the idea of “boundaries” whether national or age-related. When it comes to YouTube, you have two choices as a parent: sit alongside your kid for every minute that they’re on the site, or trust that YouTube’s system for “related content” won’t take them down some byway where they’ll encounter something that isn’t even vaguely appropriate.

In YouTube’s world, humans only have three ages: under 13; between 13 and 18; over 18. The first group doesn’t formally exist, because US law doesn’t let internet companies sell or collect information about under-13s. They are not allowed a YouTube account.

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  2. Content marketing is ruining the web. Its decline will be poetic justice
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Why cant public women wear the same outfit more than once?

Does it matter if you wear a dress out twice? Surely there are some situations when it is the only thing you should doA producer from a radio programme rang me up recently and asked if I had any views about Angela Merkel wearing the same outfit twice.S…
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Lager, Red Bull and swimming 40 lengths: a Tracey Emin weekend

John Hind recalls a 1997 encounter with the artist at her Waterloo council flat

In 1997, shortly before she acquired notoriety by flouncing drunk and cursing from a live TV show about the Turner prize, and two years before she failed to win a Turner with My Bed, I interviewed Tracey Emin over coffee at her council flat in Waterloo about the nocturnal and nutritional ups and downs of her weekend.

On Friday she’d received a call from Germany announcing she had won her first ever prize, then celebrated at Wolfgang Tillmans‘ opening until 4am, before returning home to snooze on the sofa, feeling “terrible and depressed” until 3pm. Yet she’d arisen to ink I Used To Have Such a Good Imagination (her classic sketch of a woman masturbating), before drinking lagers while discussing hangovers with art critic Carl Freedman and artist Liza May Post. She’d then cycled to deliver her video Why I Never Became a Dancer to Mat Collishaw, then visited Georgina Starr’s for vodka martinis.

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St John at 20: five classic Fergus Henderson recipes

From devilled kidneys to beans and bacon, enduring recipes from The Complete Nose to TailBEANS AND BACONTo feed four, but it can easily expand and is a good dish for many hearty eaters on a cold day, so go as big as your pot allows you (on a cold day)….
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Sofie Gråbøl: My Maoist mum made me confess to stealing from a supermarket

The star of The Killing on her formative food memories: she moved into a commune when she was 12 and the first time she cooked she had to make burgers for 30Mother made our kitchen cupboard in Copenhagen from reclaimed window frames. She’s ascetic, min…
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Nigel Slaters soup recipes

A rich soup brimming with flavour is more than a meal in itself. From a vivid carrot soup to a purée of chicken and butter beans, here are three super bowls to try

Tinned tomato, chicken or vegetable soups served to start the meal seem like something from a bygone age. Today the dish is more likely to be handmade and healthy, and the centrepiece of the meal.

In our house, soup is dinner. I honestly cant remember the last time I served it to start a meal. That is how much we love the stuff, whatever the time of year. Herb soups the colour of a summer lawn; chunky bean broths with bowls of gaspingly garlicky aioli; a classic chilled cucumber and sheeps yogurt soup flecked with radishes and capers.

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This column will change your life: a holiday shared is a break for us all

‘In Sweden, the more people holidayed at the same time, the greater the rate at which antidepressant prescriptions decreased’

Spend a day or more in a Swedish office and you’ll probably experience the startling phenomenon of the “fika”, the moment when everybody senior or junior, female or male, stylishly dressed or stylishly dressed gathers for coffee and cake. Hierarchies get set aside; people discuss work and non-work matters alike. The ritual isn’t compulsory, but it isn’t exactly optional, either: take your coffee break at a different time and eyebrows may be raised above designer spectacles. Not that “coffee break” is a translation most Swedes would accept: apparently, fika means much more. “The only thing a Swede likes more than having a fika,” writes the Stockholm-based journalist Oliver Gee, “is talking about the word fika, and how you’ll never find it in English.”

I thought back to my own experience of fika when I read, the other day, about research into the mental benefits of holidays. A team led by Terry Hartig, a health researcher at Uppsala University, found that when Swedes take time off, antidepressant prescriptions go down. Hardly surprising but the interesting part involved the timing of those vacations: the more people holidayed at the same time, the greater the rate at which prescriptions decreased.

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