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GCSE results day is full of highs and lows for us teachers too

There is nothing like the joy of seeing students get the grades they deserve. When they dont, it leaves us railing against the unfair exam systemAfter weeks of simmering fear and nerves, results day has arrived. As students once ourselves, it is perhap…
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GCSE results 2014: live coverage

Thousands of young people will today collect their GSCE results, from schools across the country. Experts have said that grades could go up but have warned that children in the most challenged schools could be the worst hit by a ban on mid-course exams.

9.43am BST

Girls are still out-performing boys at GSCE:

Girls have once again lead pass rates at grade C and above, with 73.1% of girls entries scoring A*-C compared with 64.3% of boys.

9.37am BST

This from Andrew and Rebecca:

At a briefing on Thursday morning Andrew Hall, chief executive of the AQA exam board, said the dominating factor dwarfing everything else in terms of explaining changes to the results was a shift in the make-up of the cohort actually sitting GCSEs this year.

The change to the way school league tables are assessed has discouraged schools from entering Year 10 pupils (aged 15) from GCSEs. There was a 39% drop in the number of Year 10 sitting the exam in England.

Although the proportion of pupils getting a C or higher at English fell, the proportion getting an A* rose from 3.3% last year to 3.6% and the proportion getting n A* or an A rose from 14.2% to 14.3%.

There was a big increase in the proportion of pupils getting a C or higher in science, which rose from 53.1% in 2013 to 59.1%. The proportion getting an A or A* rose by 0.7 percentage points to 8.6%, but the proportion getting an A* was unchanged at 1.4%.

JCQ said this was also partly explained by the significant drop in the number of 15-year-olds taking the exam because of the first results count rule. The number of Year 10 entries fell by 34%.

The number of pupils taking biology, chemistry or physics fell for the first time in 10 years. JCQ said this was partly due to the increased focus on end-of-course exams, and partly to the introduction of further additional science GCSE.

9.32am BST

And here are the top national GSCE trends from my colleagues Andrew Sparrow and Rebecca Ratcliffe:

The proportion of teenagers getting a grade C or better at GCSE rose for the first time in three years as more than 500,000 pupils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland received their results on Thursday morning.

9.26am BST

Shall we have a bit of joy? Oh go on then.

Loving this reaction from Sarah on Twitter, mainly because it is exactly what I thought….18 years ago. Ouch.

Best mood of mine and @amyoliver_ whole life, we never have to do our maths gsce ever again because we finally PASSED

Our best ever GSCE students #GCSEresults2014

@justinbieber getting my gsce results today. Wish me luck

9.18am BST

Were once again inviting schools to let us know how their students have got on and well be publishing the results in table form later this morning. If youre a teacher or other member of school staff, you can help us compile the database by answering a few quick questions.

9.05am BST

Well be reporting the big news of GSCE day as it happens – but we also want your stories.

So please get in touch!

8.41am BST

Students should expect ‘big variations’ in GCSE grades, says exam watchdog via @guardian

My colleagues Andrew Sparrow and Rebecca Ratcliffe have given us a flavour of what we can expect from todays results. Here is a taster:

Schools with a challenging intake are likely to fare particularly badly on Thursday when 500,000 pupils receive the results of GCSEs taken for the first time under reforms championed by Michael Gove, a leading academic has said.

Professor Alan Smithers said Goves decision to force pupils to take all the exams at the end of their course, instead of letting them sit exams for some course units early, would disadvantage those schools that relied on resits to push pupils over the crucial grade C barrier.

8.26am BST

Its GCSE results day and young people and their parents will be nervously making their way to schools across the country, to find out what grades they have received.

Heads and teachers will be more apprehensive than usual with more turbulence expected in results following reforms championed by former education secretary Michael Gove, such as the scrapping of mid-course exams.

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