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Gardens: lilac season

It doesn’t last long but the lilac season is stunning. Chose your varieties carefully – and enjoy their moment in the sun

May is one of our most beautiful months. The hedgerows fatten once the hawthorn has flowered and cow parsley narrows the lanes. Our lightest months in early summer are also the season of some of our most flamboyant flowering shrubs, many of which eclipse their companions for a glorious flurry. Once-flowering roses and sweetly scented Philadelphus may only be with us for a moment, but they are worth it for that feeling of time slowing down.

In Russia, lilac grows wild on the fringes of woodland to spill into the sunshine. They can be a hungry neighbour in a mixed planting, but if you have the right place you will be happy you have planted one. This year I have promised myself that I will get to see a national collection, to pick a couple with just the right tone of lilac and grace in the branches.

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