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Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko calls snap election for October

Premier dissolves parliament as country continues to battle pro-Russia insurgents, while Kiev accuses Moscow of interfering

Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko, dissolved parliament and called for early elections in October as his country continued to battle a pro-Russia insurgency in its eastern regions, and Kiev again accused Russia of sending soldiers into its territory.

In a statement, Poroshenko said snap elections would be held on 26 October, and that the dissolution, signalled by the breakup of the majority coalition last month, was in line with “the expectations of the vast majority of the citizens of Ukraine” and called it a move toward “cleansing” the parliament.

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François Hollande gambles on excluding Socialist dissidents

French president orders prime minister Manuel Valls to form new government without outspoken voices amid political crisis Continue reading…
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The eurozone needs an alternative solution to its economic woes

ECB head Mario Draghi is calling for more growth-friendly policies, but a little quantitative easing won’t do the jobIn France it was 2006. In Ireland and Spain it was 2003. In Greece it was 2001. In Portugal and Cyprus it was 2000. In Italy it was 199…
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EU ban on powerful vacuum cleaners prompts anger and legal challenge

Which? tells consumers to buy now as Best Buy cleaners fall foul of EU energy label that prohibits motors above 1,600w Continue reading…
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France shrugging off recession threat but still beset by ailing industry

Tough spending policies could be paying off, but factory layoffs will test re-election chances of President François Hollande Continue reading…

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