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Come on Labour, the people need closure. Give us that bloody Edstone

The first candidate big enough to deal with the monstrous campaign-trail cock-up of the manifesto monolith will get my vote

Look, I don’t want to come across as too principled here, but I think I’d vote for any of the Labour leadership candidates who told me the truth about what happened to the Edstone. Maybe Chuka Umunna wanted to break the omertà – maybe they got to him. But none of us need the services of the renowned symbologist Robert Langdon to tell us that the stone has been invested with dark and troubling powers. Why else is its fate the most closely guarded secret since Labour’s economic policy?

To the list of Things Labour Still Doesn’t Get, may I add Britain’s need to know what happened to the Edstone? I would place this at the top of the aforementioned list of things, and if that results in me being told that my priorities are out of whack by a party whose own bearings were about 500 nautical miles off course, then I think I can make my peace with that. I just can’t make my peace with the not knowing.

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