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Youths risk their lives fooling around on Southampton train track – video

British Transport Police releases CCTV footage of two youths playing on live rail tracks at Woolston station near Southampton on August 2. One of the youths appears to lie across the track with his head resting on the third rail, which is usually elect…
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As Salford buries its Mr Big, his gang want revenge and the turf wars grow

Paul Massey’s murder has left a vacuum in the north-west’s criminal underworld, and a question: was the infamous drug baron a police informant?

Just beyond the towering stands of Old Trafford lie plots of wasteland that on match days are transformed into lucrative makeshift car parks. Most Manchester United fans attending yesterday’s match against Newcastle United would have been unaware that until recently many of these parking spaces were part of an organised crime racket linked to a series of stabbings and a gangland turf war involving the notorious Paul Massey, Salford’s “Mr Big”.

Now Massey is gone, assassinated a month ago on the drive of his family home. The hitman remains at large.

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Metropolitan police solved 6% of burglaries last year

Labour says sharp fall in clear-up rate, down from 11% in 2010-11, is due to budget cuts imposed by Conservatives

The Metropolitan police solved six out of every hundred burglaries last year, nearly half the rate their officers cleared up five years ago.

Britain’s biggest police force said it solved 11% of burglaries in 2010-11. Labour said that the sharp fall in the clear-up rate since then was due to budget cuts imposed by the Conservatives, but the Met said the way it counted the figures had changed.

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