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You can’t cure a rabid dog: teaching Russian children to hate the ‘terrorists’ – video

This video contains graphic contentRussian children learn to hate ‘terrorists’ and love their country at the Kaskad military summer camp. Veterans of the Afghanistan invasion set up the camp to prepare young boys to fight. Many more like it have appear…
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Children in daycare for long periods may suffer learning setbacks study

Pre-schoolers who spend more than 21 hours a week in care could be disadvantaged once they get to schoolLong daycare may place children at higher risk of falling behind in learning, according to a new Australian National University study.Maths, literac…
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Why women feel under pressure to buy their way to perfection

From what to wear at your wedding to whether to buy a Liz Hurley baby bikini, women face a barrage of decisions and always there is the crippling fear of getting it wrong Continue reading…
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