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Philae comet could be home to alien life, say top scientists

Astronomers say features of comet landed on by spacecraft in November, such as black crust and icy lakes, suggest living micro-organisms beneath surfaceThe comet landed on by the spacecraft Philae could well be home to an abundance of alien microbial l…
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Leap second: all the latest developments and reaction – live!

You just had one of the longest hours of your life. At midnight GMT, clocks added an extra second to allow atomic clocks to stay in sync with the Earth’s rotation. Will the internet fall apart? Follow all the latest developments on our live blog

10.22am AEST

Here’s Guardian Australia news editor Mike Ticher (his hands leathered by years of furious typing in air-conditioned offices) trying to capture history.

10.18am AEST

As we bask in the vaguely post-coital (or is that just me?) aftermath of the longest minute since 2012, let’s savour this picture of how the leap second went down in the Guardian’s Sydney office.

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