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Putin ordered Alexander Litvinenko murder, inquiry into death told

Opening day hears Russian president called a ‘common criminal’ as lawyers lay out case surrounding former spy’s death Continue reading…

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The Sun’s Page 3 is surviving on nothing but a necklace and a wink

Rupert Murdoch’s lovelies have made a defiant return, but history’s page has turned on the topless tradition

“I don’t think it’s immoral or indecent or anything,” said Rupert Murdoch of Page 3. “But show it to me in any other newspaper I own. Never in America, never in Australia. Never. Never. Never. It just would not be accepted.”

Even in the super soaraway Sun, he admitted to an interviewer from India Today, the daily parade of topless lovelies was “getting a bit old-fashioned. One day it will come out.”

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