Mayday: a short film starring Juliet Stevenson video

Inspired by the Young Vic theatre's acclaimed production of Samuel Beckett's Happy Days, Mayday reunites Juliet Stevenson and the director Natalie Abrahami. Written by Nancy Harris, the film is a modern-day story of an isolated woman fighting to 'keep up the glamour' in the manner of Beckett's buried heroine Winnie

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Tony Abbott considers foreign aid cuts to pay for military action in Iraq politics live

The prime minister weighs cuts to foreign aid to pay for Australias involvement in Iraq; Kevin Andrews announces the government has split its welfare measures in a bid to pass the Senate; and the burqa debate drags on. All todays politics news live ...

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Nigeria: No to Forced Listing of Companies

[Vanguard]THERE are worrying signals that unless due caution is brought to bear, a law that will force some blue chip private companies to sell their shares at the Nigerian Stock Exchange may be enacted. Such a law is reported to be nearing the public hearing stage at the House of Representatives.

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‘Octorobot’ can swim in ocean, carry objects (VIDEO)

Screenshot from

The ‘octorobot’ doesn’t have a name just yet, but a team of Greek researchers headed by Dimitris Tsakiris has managed to do something even more impressive than design a machine that looks at home in the water.

Not only can this robot swim, but its speed has almost doubled since the first time it was unveiled in 2013.

Shown off at the IEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, the robotic octopus now sports partially-webbed arms and a smaller head. While it previously swam at about four inches a second, the new silicon webbing now allows it to swim seven inches per second.

“The eight-arm robot is inspired by the morphology and outstanding locomotor capabilities of the octopus,” researchers from the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas wrote in a paper on their invention, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

“Underwater experiments demonstrate a novel mode of underwater propulsion by combining various patterns of sculling movements of the arms and web, and the efficiency of the swimmer, especially with the addition of the web, in terms of the attained velocities, the generated propulsive forces and the cost of transport,” the paper said.

In a video posted on YouTube, viewers can see for themselves just how improved the robot’s mobility is. Researchers also filmed the ‘octopus’ crawling on the floor of an aquarium and carrying a yellow ball while swimming, before concluding with footage of the robot freely moving in the Aegean Sea.

If the robot ever becomes operational for practical purposes, scientists are hoping to use it to observe ocean animals without disturbing them.

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Hong Kong protests: China hardens stance as students demand CEO resign

Peoples Daily gives full backing to embattled Leung Chun-ying while foreign minister sends warning to the west

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Taliban bomber in Afghan capital targets army bus, kills three

KABUL (Reuters) - A Taliban suicide bomber targeted an Afghan army bus in Kabul on Thursday, killing three people and wounding 10, the interior ministry said, the fourth high-profile attack in the capital since Monday when the new president was sworn in.

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Mexico snares high profile drug boss Beltran Leyva

The detention of Hector Beltran Leyva, one of the highest profile Mexican drug bosses, marks another victory for President Nieto. The arrest will likely be a serious blow to the Beltran Leyva drug cartel. 

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From Tory tax cuts to the war in Iraq, were lurching backwards

Camerons Conservatives are replaying Thatcher and Blair. But its a past we need to escape from

The Tories have always made a virtue out of being retro. I am very proud of Nanny, the fogey MP Jacob Rees-Mogg declared to an adoring crowd on Tuesday. But they have truly gone back to the future in Birmingham.

The spin has been that the Conservatives are now the party of progress, compassion and social justice. The unmistakable message of the conference, however, is that they are heading backwards on all fronts.

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China tells US not to meddle in Hong Kong

Foreign Minister Wang Yi warns the US and other countries to back off over crisis in Hong Kong, as protests continue.

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Suicide bomber targets Afghan army bus

Three people killed and 10 wounded in fourth high-profile attack in the capital since Monday.

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