SpaceX rocket explodes: How big a setback?

A Falcon 9 rocket bearing more than 2 tons of cargo bound for the International Space Station exploded Sunday morning 139 seconds after launch. How long will this delay progress toward a fully reusable rocket?

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Chile v Peru: Copa América semi-final – live!

Chile: Bravo; Isla, Medel, Rojas, Albornoz; Díaz, Aránguiz, Vidal; Valdivia; Sánchez, Vargas

Peru: Gallese; Advíncula, Zambrano, Ascues, Vargas; Farfán, Ballón, Lobatón, Cueva; Carrillo, Guerrero

Of course, the Copa America isn’t all about these two. There’s another poor Brazil failure to rake over, too, and who better to do that than our man in Chile, Jonathan Wilson? This is very good:

It’s been a long time since the notion of jogo bonito was anything other than an empty marketing slogan. The beauty has left the Brazilian game. The obsession with running and physicality that first developed – belatedly – as a response to a first-round exit in the 1966 World Cup has become dogma. The dictatorship that took power in Brazil in 1964 imposed technocrats in all walks of life: it was an article of faith that everything could be measured and analysed. That is why a military PT instructor, captain Cláudio Coutinho, worked with the team at the 1974 World Cup and was the coach in 1978. The 80s and Telê Santana brought a brief reflowering of the old way, a reignition of the myth, but since then the drift into pragmatism has been relentless.

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Only 16 of world’s highest-paid celebrities are women, Forbes finds

  • Katy Perry is highest-ranked woman in third place on magazine’s list
  • Men’s greater earning power reflects gender pay gap in wider society

Related: Gender pay gap will not close for 70 years at current rate, says UN

Forbes magazine’s annual Celeb 100 list, chronicling the world’s highest-paid entertainers over the past year featured a wide range of talents from all over the globe including a British chef, a Canadian rapper and a Russian tennis star – but only 16 women.

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​S&P downgrades Greek credit rating, puts chance of Grexit at 50%

Standard & Poor’s has downgraded Greece’s credit rating from CCC to CCC-, increasing the probability of an exit from the Eurozone to 50 percent.
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Greece debt crisis: Thousands of no supporters protest, as EC urges yes vote – live

Governments of France, Germany and Italy all warn that Greeks are voting on their eurozone membership on Sunday, as banks remain shut

The Guardian’s Jon Henley is in Syntagma Square tonight, and reports that No protesters are united behind one cause - bringing Greece’s dignity back:

“I want freedom for my country and dignity for its people, because right now my country does not have its freedom and its people do not have their dignity. It might be very hard work after Sunday, but freedom needs hard work.”

“But it will be worth if if that is what it takes to recover our dignity. We’re here because we’re fed up with being treated as if we were ignorant. We’re well educated, we’re civilised, we’ve been around and we’re being being treated like so much less.”

Related: 'It's a question of dignity': Syriza rally demands end to 'economic asphyxia'

A treat for non-Greek readers - here’s an English translation of Alexis Tsipras calling for the Greek people to vote “no” on Sunday, and predicting that lenders won’t push for Grexit.

#Greek PM #AlexisTsipras says his gov will "respect" result of Sunday ref but "will not serve it" if outcome is not the one he wants

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Tunisia killers have declared war on Britain, says David Cameron

Prime minister pledges that Britain will not cower in the face of terrorism as he announces minute’s silence for victims of Sousse massacre

David Cameron has pledged that Britain will not give up its way of life or cower in the face of terrorism as he urged the country to hold a minute’s silence at midday on Friday in memory of the 30 UK citizens killed in Tunisia.

The minute’s silence will come exactly a week after the massacre in Sousse left up to 30 Britons dead, the biggest loss of British life to terrorism since the 2005 bombings in London.

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Hundreds honour Charleston church shooting victim Myra Thompson

  • Thompson qualified as a preacher the day of the attack
  • Governor Nikki Haley: ‘This is a woman who I want to strive to be’

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The day she was killed along with eight others during Bible study at a South Carolina church, Myra Thompson achieved her goal of becoming a minister.

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Admiring Jackson Pollock’s controlled chaos

Exhibition at Tate Liverpool showcases later works of American abstract expressionist artist who died in 1956 aged 44.

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‘It’s a question of dignity’: Syriza rally demands end to ‘economic asphyxia’

Protesters acknowledge Greece has a lot to lose if it crashes out of the eurozone, but say it will be worth it if that is what it takes to recover its dignity

The word they all used, without exception, was dignity. Rallying in front of the Greek parliament on Monday night, supporters of the Syriza-led government of prime minister Alexis Tsipras demanded an end to the “economic asphyxia” and “social catastrophe” of austerity – and the return of dignity.

“I’m here to support my country,” said Katherine, a psychologist. “I want freedom for my country and dignity for its people, because right now my country does not have its freedom and its people do not have their dignity. It might be very hard work after Sunday, but freedom needs hard work.”

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Obama signs trade bills into law, says tough battle still ahead

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday signed into law legislation that gives him "fast-track" power to push ahead on a Pacific Rim trade deal that has been the subject of intense debate in Congress and across the nation.

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