Africa: Top UN Ebola Coordinator On His Way to Africa

[VOA]The senior United Nations coordinator on the Ebola virus says he will travel to Africa later this week.

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Israel: Rockets making talks ‘impossible’

Spokesman says Gaza rockets have complicated talks as he rejects charges Israel is to blame for ceasefire breakdown.

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Iraq crisis: outrage over Isis beheading of US journalist James Foley live updates

  • Foleys executioner had a British accent
  • Isis threatens to kill another captured journalist
  • Foleys mother: He was an extraordinary son
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Landslides hit Japan’s Hiroshima, killing at least 27

HIROSHIMA (Reuters) - At least 27 people, including several children, were killed in Japan on Wednesday, when landslides triggered by torrential rain slammed into the outskirts of the western city of Hiroshima, and the toll was likely to rise, police said.

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Uganda: UPDF Somalia Troops Not Paid for Six Months

[Observer]UPDF soldiers keeping peace in Somalia have not been paid for six months, The Observer has learnt.

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NSW to follow Queensland and NT in outlawing smoking in prisons

Attorney general admits cigarette ban will not be easy for prisoners as 80% smoke, but it will improve their health

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Gaza war resumes as talks break down

Fresh hostilities bring more deaths, while Palestinians accuse Israelis of turning down a viable peace deal in Cairo

The conflict in Gaza has flared up with renewed rocket fire and air strikes as talks in Cairo aimed at forging a durable ceasefire in the six-week war broke down.

Israel accused Hamas of violating the latest of a series of temporary ceasefires after rockets were launched from Gaza on Tuesday hours before the end of the latest truce, triggering a swift military and political response. A woman and a two-year-old girl reported to be the wife and child of Mohammed Deif, Hamass military chief, whom Israel has wanted to eliminate for years died in an air strike on a house in Gaza City on Tuesday evening. A third unidentified person was also killed and at least 15 people injured.

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LIVE UPDATES: Israeli strike targeted Hamas military chief, group leader says

LIVE UPDATES: Mohammed Deif's wife and child killed in strike, Hamas leader says; Gaza fire resumes with heavy rocket barrage on south.

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Op-Ed Contributor: The Real Middle East Crisis Is Economic

The region’s economic isolation is fueling political instability and violence.

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Israel’s potential new judges include candidates for nepotism

Judicial Appointments Committee vetting candidates for 20 vacancies on various courts, including relatives of jurists, politicians.

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